How To Buy Exclusive Beats

How to Buy Exclusive Beats Online

How to Buy Beat Exclusive


Read How to Buy Exclusive Beats Online from my website. If you want to buy one of my beat exclusive Click on "ADD" button in player right side of the beat which you want to buy for exclusive rights, you will see a license as "Exclusive - Make An Offer".  Select that and then offer me your maximum amount as your budget you want to pay me for the beat and also type you name, email id and msg if you have any query.

If i like the amount you offered me then i will accept your deal as soon as possible i login on my website in 1 or 2 days and then you will see an option for pay the amount. You can pay that amount with paypal or credit card. The original beat files download link will send to you automatically in you email id.

But if i feel you offered me less amount then i maybe will not accept your offer price and i can demand you my price as i want to charge for the beat. if you agree at my price then you can pay that.

You can download beat files on your laptop or desktop, but can't download on mobile phone. Also check spam folder in you email. its not possible but in any case if you did't not get beat in your email id just email me your PayPal or card payment receipt i will email you all files manually.

If you have any questions left you can reach me at contact page.

How to Buy Exclusive Beats
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