Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Online Beats



How To Buy Beats From Your Store ?

Great question ! To buy hip hop beast instrumentals, simply click ADD button next to them in the player on our homepage. You will then be able to select the desired licensing options. Also make sure to click the My Current Deals tab in the player in order to see our bundle deals. Once you selected the musical compositions of your choice, you can complete your order via PayPal or credit card by selecting the Buy Now button in the player. You will receive all files automatically in email instant after payment. Make sure to check your SPAM folder as well.

I Didn’t Recieve Beat From Your Website ! What Can I Do ?

Thanks for ordering one of our best instrumental beats ! Please make sure to check your SPAM folder at first, the e-mail containing the download links might be in there. If this is not the case, simply send us an e-mail with your PayPal receipt so we can send you the original beat instrumental files manually.

Are The Voice Tags On The Beats In Your Store Removed from Purchased Beats Or Instrumentals?

The voice tags on our beats are to prevent theft of our compositions. But Yes, Once you purchase the instrumental you will get a download link of the UNTAGGED original beat instrumentals .

Do You Offer Any Bundle Deals or Discounts on Your Rap Beats ?

We offer bundle deals on all of our licenses. In order to look into them, simply click the My Current Deals tab shown in our player at the main page.

Do You Remove The Beat From Your Beat Store After i Purchase It ?

Beats will only removed when you purchase Exclusive Rights. Not when a lease is purchased.

What does WAV lease mean?

Rapping beats that are WAV files are some of the highest quality audio files that you can get. MP3 is a COMPRESSED audio format – that's why the audio files of the rap beats are much smaller than WAVs. This means that a TON of audio data is basically being chopped off the WAV file

What are WAV Trackouts?

Track out WAV files by definition are sounds in a beat that have been singled out and placed in individual files. This means that if you have different instruments and drums etc. you take each one from the track and place it alone in its own file to be used later.

What are exclusive rights to a beat?

You own the recording as a "work made for hire". The original seller may no longer lease or sell the beat/song, except for prior leasing rights holders and his/her own promotional page. The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads.